Using WordPress

WordPress is a very powerful and effective tool for creating both blogs and regular web sites. However, because of its popularity it is constantly being targeted by hackers seeking to expose any weakness or unpatched vulnerability. So for that reason it is a mistake to think of WordPress as a “fit and forget” application. It needs regular attention (e.g. on a monthly schedule) to make sure that it is well defended against the “bad guys”! Here is a checklist for the minimum of what you should do:

A WordPress site contains two different elements that both need to be backed up:

  1. The PHP files and other resources. You could use regular FTP to backup these.
  2. The MySQL database. You could use a WordPress backup plugin for this. For example WP-DB-Backup ( Ideally you would run these backups at the same time so as to keep both elements in sync.

If you use the Jetpack plugin, there is another option for backup - Vaultpress backups. This option is not free(approximately £5 month), but is very hassle-free .